Uma Thurman wearing JFine's Origin of Argyle necklace in Dujour Magazine

Photo courtesy of Dujour Magazine. 


origin of argyle necklace              september issue of dujour magazine featuring Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman wears Origin of Argyle diamond necklace in September edition of Dujour Magazine.


The Origin of Argyle statement necklace features more than 45 carats of cascading champagne and cognac diamonds and a 3.55 carat white diamond from the Argyle diamond mine. The necklace was designed by Lani Nguyen for JFine and takes its inspiration from the birthplace of the gems in the remote east Kimberley region of Western Australia, with the geographical coordinates of the Argyle diamond deposit inscribed on the reverse of the necklace..

Jordan Fine, President of J F I N E ( ) and owner of The Origin of Argyle necklace said “Argyle diamonds are ethically mined and crafted with an unbroken chain of custody from a remote corner of Australia and are a source of fascination around the world. We were delighted to work with these jewels to create a piece that reflects their beautiful heritage and proud pedigree.”

The Origins of Argyle necklace is one of 31 pieces featured in a glittering exhibition of more than US$60 million of Argyle diamond jewellery. The exhibition showcases the unique palette of colours from the Australian diamond mine, the world’s largest producer of natural colour diamonds – including pink, red, blue, violet, champagne and white diamonds.

The US market for Argyle diamonds has grown substantially over the past three decades, embraced by a strong network of jewellery designers attracted to the unique Australian diamond story of beauty with integrity.

The Australian diamond jewellery exhibition coincides with the 2017 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender which has been launched during a world exclusive preview in New York before the spectacular diamond collection begins a global invitation-only viewing tour.